Miracle Baby Josiah

Miracle Baby Josiah proifle Miracle Baby Josiah
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As the son of musicians Ap 1nabillion & Dangerus Diva, and younger brother of ItsJFunk, Baby Josiah has stepped right into his place as the next star of the SOINLOVEFAMILY. Born at the tiny size of 1lb and barely 12 inches long, Doctors claimed if Josiah was to survive he would have severe speech and motor skill issues. At just one week old the head Doctor of the NICU called asking the parents if they wanted to pull the plug on Josiah, however his mom quickly replied "No! He is going to be our miracle baby"! After 5 surgeries and over 5 months in the hospital he finally came home and has been thriving since being with his loving family! He quickly has become a natural in front of the camera and has been featured in numerous viral videos. From every dribble, every base hit, every laugh, every smile, every cry, every tantrum, every moment you watch Raising Baby Josiah you are watching a real life miracle! Enjoy the Show!
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