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Jfunk from Itsjfunk had a family fun time playing Avengers Hulk with Spiderman, Iron Man and Captain America just like Avengers Age of ULTRON Movie but in real life! The Avenger Kids were having fun on a beautiful sunny day when Ultron landed on planet earth looking for any superheroes for kids he could destroy! Walking through the park, Ultron spotted 2 kids playing at the the playground and decided they are the lucky kids he wants to VAPORIZE! Luckily for them, The Marvel Superheroes Spiderman and the Avengers where at the park, find out if these Superheroes for Kids have what it takes to battle Ultron and save the day ! Moral of the story is kids don't play at the park or wander off in the store without your parents... you never know what villain is out there waiting to get you! This is such a fun video for kids who are into superheroes and love to watch other kids playing in costumes and with toys!

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